Iphone 6 White LCD Screen Replacement And Digitizer


Package include:
1 x  Iphone 6 White LCD Display Screen Replacement And Digitizer

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Top Features Of  Iphone 6 White LCD Screen :

  • Compatible with Iphone 6 White
  • Troubleshoot the damaged, cracked, shattered apple LCD screen repair, or screens with display or touch response issues.
  • Double-test before shipping, 0NE-month return policy & warranty.
  • The LCD does not come with any home botton, ear piece or front camera; needs carefully removing from the original screen to the new one.
  • Look for technician if you are lack of installing experience.
  • Free repair tools included in package.
  • Great replacement for your scratched or damaged screen
  • Combine a LCD display with a touch screen digitizer
  • Used to repair faulty LCD display and touch screen digitizer

Some tips for installation:

  • Switch off iphone before replacing the screen!
  • Clean the cables and screen before installing them.
  • Try your best to avoid the static electricity!
  • If phone is hot after replacement, please switch off phone immediately to avoid burning

Package include:
1 x LCD Lens Display Digitizer Touch Screen Replacement For iPhoNE or Iphone 6 White LCD Screen Replacement And Digitizer

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